Team Working – How to prevent Silo Working


Within any organisation you will see a variety of functions, teams and groups. In the finish during the day every person ultimately accumulates their salary in the same organisation. Regardless of this one area of the organisation either blaming another or otherwise taking responsibility is too common. Exactly what do you need to do to prevent silo working?

1. Highlight the dependencies

No organisation can prosper with no contribution from the different functions. For instance, imagine a company attempting to deliver services without materials or equipment, employees who weren’t getting compensated or individuals marketing not picking out new ideas. Like a leader be dilligent about regularly highlighting the contribution of various areas of the organisation in achieving results.

2. Recognise team working

If you wish to avoid silo working recognise the successes and achievements of teams. Identify situations where the strength of teams brought to a far greater outcome. Show the characteristics which have led to the prosperity of they.

3. Reward team working

Design pay and reward systems to reward team leadership whenever you can. Using this method you incentivise individuals to interact because they gain when the team delivers and miss out if it doesn’t deliver.

4. Create dependencies

Organise work and procedures to ensure that achievement of results only works by individuals cooperating, whenever you can.

5. Keep your concentrate on results

In the finish during the day it’s results that matter. If answers are delivered everybody benefits. When teams begin to act in silos, pull it well towards the overall purpose that is ultimately to provide recent results for customers, service users along with other stakeholders.

Main Point Here – Teams delivers potentially brilliant results. Simultaneously silo working can minimise the outcome they’ve. What else could you do in order to reduce silo employed in your organisation?

Duncan Brodie of Goals and Achievements (G&A) works together with individuals, teams and organisations to build up their management and leadership capacity.