Reasons Why You Should Switch Your Banking Account To Ulster Bank


There is a huge competition in the banking sector too. To attract a large customer base, they come up with attractive schemes and services such as lower interest rate on loan, zero minimum deposit in accounts, higher deposit rate, etc. This propels people to switch from one bank to another bank.

Ulster is one of the most popular banks that offer remarkable services to its customers. Let us see how worthwhile it would be to make a move to this bank.

Mobile Banking

Ulster bank offers simple and easy to use the mobile application to its customers. Their newly introduced feature as “Get Cash” service enables people to withdraw fast cash at their cash machines quickly without using their card. The best part of this application is that any person with a smartphone can easily access it anywhere and anytime.

Customer care cell is an important part of any bank that provides effective and timely resolution to the queries of people. offers the most precise, simplified and quick resolution to different types of queries of customers.

State of the art customer service

Customers are the backbone of a bank. Understanding their importance, Ulster bank offers best in class assistance to customers to give them the best resolution at all times. This is done by way of different support channels set up by the bank such as calling the local customer care center, visiting bank website, or bank branch and web chat services.  These are some more ways to bank and get specialized assistance at your fingertips.

 Emergency Cash

Have you ever encountered a circumstance where you are in a need of urgent money and have lost your debit card? To address this issue, this bank not just takes cancellation request for the debit card on priority but also allows a customer to withdraw up to a certain limit from the ATMs at anytime and anywhere. These benefits help a customer to a lot of extents and attract people to switch to these bank accounts.

To retain and maintain a customer base, there is a constant struggle that happens among different banks. Switching from a less active bank to an aggressive customer centric bank is in the best interests of the people. Thus, to stand ahead in the competition, it is inevitable for every bank to come up with customer centric policies to serve them in the best way.